Hey Family!

There are many ways to take action as a member of Spade University, all of which are key elements to the success of our All Hands on Deck Movement. We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. 

A Supportive Hug

SPADE UNIVERSITY began as a personal  Movement in 2009, on an Ace of Spade day by Fatima Dauntess.  Focusing on personal awareness and personal action to make a positive personal impact. Fatima soon became recognized as an empowered leader in her community and the Order of the Magi—engaging with more and more people, adding more and more supporters, and amplifying more and more voices. Spade University leads campaigns that promote real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by society. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.