Magi Card Science Certification Program

This is a Card Science Certification Program to become a certified reader of the Destiny Cards in the Order of the Magi lineage.


Upon completing this program, you will receive an official certificate in the mail you can frame. And you will be certified by the three living Grand Masters of The Order of the Magi to perform readings. It means that you can, if you wish, begin a professional practice to read these Cards for people who pay you money for a reading. 


The process to become certified involves taking courses in an established curriculum, completing tests, going through a one-on-one mentoring program with one of the Grand Masters, and then completing an actual reading for someone that your mentor will review.


You can work at your own pace through the curriculum and mentoring program, but it is a minimum of a one-year commitment to complete this certification program. As long as you can devote a few hours a week to this training, you should be able to complete it in one year.


You will have eight 45 minute meetings with your mentor, a Grand Master in the Magi Order. These eight meetings will be scheduled over the course of one year. These mentoring sessions ensure that you are learning the curriculum and beginning to apply it in your own life. The mentoring program's fee is $1,500, which is in addition to the cost of the required courses for this Card Science Certification Program.


This Card Science Certification Program is by application only. We accept students on a rolling basis, so you can begin as soon as you are accepted to the program.


Here is the link to the application.


Here is the list of courses that you are required to take and the prices of each course.

Robert Lee Camp Q♦

The Mastery of Card Science

The Art of Card Interpretation Workshop

The Art of Transformational Readings

Fatima Dauntess 6♠

Magi Counseling Training

Relationship Counseling Course

Alexander Dunlop 9♥

To Be Discussed

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