We all want to believe there's more to life than just the day to day grind. This is what motivates us to venture out into the world into what seems like an eternity of experiences. Some of which lead us to unintended consequences, some good, some bad. So I offer the Personal Life Plan reading to prepare you on the journey to find your purpose. Learn what it is you're doing here, what you personally can do that no one else can, how you can contribute to society, and whose lives you can impact.

1 hour  /   $175

Personal Life Plan


We take pride in helping those with the desire to improve their lives. Below are a few of the different types of plans we offer. We recommend you sign up for an initial consultation before committing to a plan, so together, we can figure out which sessions are right for you.


Relationship Plans

1 hour  /   $200

The lack of deep, loving, and intimate connection with others is the most common motivator for seeking a partner to share our lives or, sometimes, why we leave. Recognizing that you or your partner are no longer happy and tracing the cause back to why you came to being committed in the first place can be a healing event. The consequences of early oversights made in the attempt to find true love can knock us off our game, sometimes affecting other areas in our lives. So why not prepare for your next relationship by knowing beforehand what's required to achieve the love experience that will fulfill you the most? Or maybe take this time to reflect and better understand the triggers that cause disconnect and discover ways to repair the bond. 


Yearly Game Plan

1 hour  /   $150

So you've already had a Personal Life Plan Reading, and you are well on your way to reach your goals, and then 'BOOM'! Something happens, and you are forced to pause and switch gears. Or perhaps you have opposing needs competing for importance, like a demanding job depleting the necessary energy required for your new relationship? A child on the way and you are unaware of that or, worse, unprepared. Oh, I know! You've been eyeing a new car, and you want to know if it's the best investment right now, or should you wait?  My goodness! A check-up and check-in would serve you right. Choose this reading to ensure you are still on target to reach those lofty goals you told me you were working towards last year. Let's not let years stack the cards against you. I want to make sure you are still on pace for success.