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About Us

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Our Story

SPADE UNIVERSITY started as a personal movement on May 5th, 2009, an A♠ day by Fatima Dauntess. Her focus was on personal awareness, personal development, and action to make a positive personal impact. After taking an opportunity to present her communications topic live at St Louis Community College Playing Your Cards Right, the word spread fast about the Destiny Cards, and Fatima soon became recognized as an empowered mover in her community. After completing her studies in the Order of the Magi, she quietly engaged with more people, attracting more supporters, and amplifying more voices.

Our Spade University family continues to grow in serving individuals and families in the same manner, we would want to be served, treating people with the same dignity and respect we would want to receive. With the 52 playing cards as our framework for understanding what it means to truly connect healthily with others, we accepted this tool to help us take accountability for ourselves and for how we interact with the people whom we attract.


In 2020 Spade University became a private space for students seeking real and lasting solutions to some of the deepest challenges faced by people of all cultures, age groups, and genders. We are a family of mixed gifts, tools, and resources, all with a kindred goal. Each of us challenges the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be. We are proud to be a force for positive transformation in our communities, starting with our responsibility to self-awareness and authentic character development. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform and improve the quality of human lives worldwide by being our safest and authentic selves. 


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