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At Spade University, we take great pride in every course we offer. We have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made us an extremely popular choice for self-development using the playing cards. Scroll below to book a course.

Pile Of Books


Our foundations' course is an essential introduction, intermediate and advanced program for learning the 52 playing cards and the wisdom they bestow. Combining the influences of the best teachers in astrology, numerology, and Metasymbology we are able to facilitate a unique and interactive experience. 

Personal Development

Our Personal Development Program is a 52-week commitment. Learn the science, strategies, and new techniques in a safe learning environment to improve your natural functionality. We invite you to explore this program designed for all backgrounds and learning levels.

I am very Glad that Fatima choose me for her mentoring. She is very dedicated to her responsibility of mentorship, I feel how hard she work with me to make understand the meaning of the cards even I am not very fluent in English, She really want to teach me well that at many times she called Ken to translate for me to make sure I am very clear in what she want me to learn ,but she understand me very well my personality and found the way to approach me and be with me no just like a teacher but like a supportive mentor. She is very great in what she teaches very knowledge of the card science and the way she use the right words ,and never get tired ,also there for me anytime to answer my questions, I am blessed that I found my right path in the process to learn about this great science. One more thing about her is a very charming woman that express caring and friendship. Thank you Fatima for taking care of me.

Luis Linares A♣ 10♠




When you become a mentor at Spade University, you are seen as a trusted role model in the Playing Cards community. Taking on a mentorship role can help you develop your confidence and integrity to be an impactful leader.

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